About Stratford accident repair centre

Right from collecting your car delivering a hire car whilst yours is repaired and arranging all necessary expertise to assist you in getting back on the road STRATFORD ACCIDENT REPAIR CENTRE will take car of it all. If you`ve had an accident which wasn`t your fault, then one call to STRATFORD ACCIDENT REPAIR CENTRE can take of everything.


Stratford Accident Repair Centre LTD (SARC) specialises in automobile paints. We identify, match and mix the colours using performance paints brands and restore the pain job on cars in need of both major and minor repairs. The colour systems we use allow us to accurately match the particular code and manage the process efficiently and effectively for brilliant results. The shop is located in Stratford three minutes away from Olympic Park and two minutes away from the booming Westfield Shopping Centre. I would like to introduce our company STRATFORD ACCIDENT REPAIR CENTRE LTD to you. We are a provide of car body repairs to the public, trade and local business.
We specialise in all kinds of car body damage be it small scratch or dent repair, accident repair or full body respray. We are fully equiped in top of range spray booth (oven) and all specialist body work tools including welding machine and spot welder which allows us to do the repairs to the highest standard.


  • Offer to clients it`s a free service to non fault accidents
  • Replacement vehicle
  • No excess to pay
  • Car fully repaired to top standards
  • Won`t affect clients insurance policy
  • Personal injury
  • Loss of earnings
  • Cars, motorbikes & vans
  • Recovery service

Are you looking for a trusting and reliable partner when it comes to the maintenance or repair of your car? With us you are at the right place! Our car repair shop offers you instant full service and master quality at affordable prices for all markets. We look forward to your visit on our websites. Here are some insights of our daily work and our range of services. Our team answers your questions at any time.

How we use money on car body repairs

Most dealers will simply swap out on old panel for a new one.This is simple to do but is extremly expensive.We use a special piece of equiment wich pulls the panel out to it`s original profile after which it can be filled smoothed and sanded.It means yuo get a much repair than a traditional hammer out and fill but you save the cost of expensive new panel. Many insurance companies are now allowing this service to keep the cars on the road.Repairs and paintwork are still carried out to the same hight standart.

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